Marc Lucas

Radio Host, Faith Coach & Local Ministry Director

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About Marc

Marc Lucas has served as a pastor for a combined 15 years with two mega-churches in the Valley: Sun Valley Community Church and Highlands Church.  He’s an alumni of Arizona Christian University with a degree in Biblical Studies. He has been married to his wife Tammy, and they have 3 beautiful kids Kaylen, Kenzie, and Karson.

He strives to live out 3 words every day; In my opinion, we should always be pushing ourselves to grow 1% every day!  My three words are ‘live, laugh, and love.’  Today and every day I will strive to live every day to its fullest, laugh often, and love others deeply.     I’m going to focus on these three words three times a day.  I put them on my iPhone where they come up as an alarm three different times during the day.  My phone buzzes and those words are there, where I go, “Oh right, I’m that guy.  I have to focus on being that guy vs. whatever.  I might be in a bad mood and completely detached; however, it helps bring intentionality to living out and essentially eulogizing myself daily.  To live each day with the end in mind!

His heart and passion is to come alongside the local church because when God wins a city He always does it through the local church.

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